Sunday, September 13, 2009

Emily Haines vs. Karen O.

Because, really, they're the only ones anyone cares about in their respective bands.

I mean, when the front-person of the band also happens to be a sexy alt-rock chick with a great set of...vocal chords...why would you bother directing your focus at anyone else on stage?

(An actual review/comparison of Metric's show vs. Yeah Yeah Yeah's show at Bumbershoot to follow, hopefully tomorrow. I've got a tired headache from staring at my screen too much this evening, so I'm calling it quits for right now.)

[Both photos by Sarah Bastin, taken at Bumbershoot last weekend--and a super-dee-duper thanks to Flickr, my humble amateur means of acquiring beautiful, professional photos for all my ridiculous unprofessional needs]

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