Wednesday, April 29, 2009


The sun's been out every other day or so lately, and it feels so much like summer already that I decided to make some guacamole (which I've never done before)! It helps that it seems everyone has avocados on sale right now. And it also helps that I found Pioneer Woman's recipe for pico de gallo, which you then mix with mashed avocados to make guacamole. I love reading cooking/baking blogs. With all the step-by-step pictures, and witty commentary, it's the best kind of cookbook to follow.

And my pico/guac turned out pretty well, I'd say. Maybe a tad too mushy, but delicious, nonetheless.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Spring is a Teaser

It's weird that it's rainy and horrendously windy outside right now, when last Sunday (and most of last week, actually), it felt like June. But that's western Washington weather for you. Never reliable.

It is a bit warmer now, though, in general. I don't have to bundle up in 5 layers of clothing to go catch my bus, anyway. So it's a bit nicer for bike-riding. I've been going and doing a few laps around Greenlake on a semi-regular basis. It's been really fun getting to know the park and the different crowds at different times. I just wish that the parents who take their kids out on wheeled things would make them wear helmets...and wear them themselves, while they're at it. Just because it's a park doesn't mean that there won't be an idiot (or an unfortunately accident-prone) cyclist who will mow your kid over onto the pavement. Seriously. I'm just looking out for the children, here. Especially the ones who're in my way.

In other news, I'm going to see Cats at the Paramount this Thursday with my friend Rachael, and I am thouroughly excited. I remember singing and dancing to this music when we still lived in Utah, and we moved here when I was 6, so that was a really long time ago. I worry that this won't quite live up to the delicious 80s-ness of the film, with all the spandex and legwarmers...but I can dream, right? And in any case, Rum Tum Tugger's character is inherently a feline sex-god of sorts, so that's comforting.