Monday, March 2, 2009

No keyboard for me.

Friday, the 27th, when I was looking up the address of Kennelly Keys, I found out the date they were closing that location--Feb. 25th! That's just 2 days before I was planning on going up there. I can't believe I missed it. So now, if I want to get a keyboard, I'll have to go to Guitar Center or some other major place that can afford to have low prices. Which is unfortunate, because I'd love to be able to buy from a smaller store. Perhaps another little music business will have a sale soon.

I'd also love to get a bike. I feel entirely too confined in our little apartment, and since I can't have a dog to take for walks around Green Lake, I need another form of exerting my physical energy. Also, my car, Squelch, might be dead...for real. He's old, and has troubles fairly often, but this time I think it's a bit more severe and possibly permanent. So, in the event that he really won't ever run again, I'll need to a) find a way to get over losing an inanimate object which I've personified into a best friend, and b) find a new means of transportation. Because I can't walk home from Capitol Hill if I miss the last bus after work.

My Squelchy

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