Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I've started cooking at work--finally--and I'm slowly but surely getting the hang of it. I miss working night shifts, though. And I hate having Sundays and Mondays off. Annnd...my back hurts. But I got a massage a week or two ago from a coworker who's training to be a massage therapist, and it was intense (in a mostly good way). I've never had a deep tissue massage, or any kind of professional massage, for that matter. I thought it might be a weird experience, since I was practically naked (under the sheet, of course), and we're still at that odd point in a coworker relationship where you know each other well enough to joke comfortably, but you're not close friends, by any means. To my pleasant surprise, he was totally professional (almost opposite his usual demeaner at Pagliacci) and it wasn't strange or awkward or uncomfortable at all. Plus...it was free. And there are few things better than a free massage.

Even though winter quarter doesn't start for another 76 days, I'm so excited that I'm...well...counting the days. Obviously. I went up to the UW campus yesterday to meet up with Rachael (which was an awesome experience in itself, since we haven't hung out in months), and while I still don't enjoy the massive student body, or its composure of thousands of the Those Kind of People [arms flailing], it'll be so good to go somewhere other than Pagliacci. It'll be good to go somewhere other than Broadway, even. Guh.

In the nearer future, Laurel is visiting this weekend, and I'm more excited for her physical presence than I am for the Ani Difranco show we're attending, which was the original reason for her visit. Much adventure will be had!

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