Monday, August 24, 2009

It's been a while...

I have 3 major things to update:

1. I moved into a studio on First Hill at the beginning of July.
2. I cut all of my hair off on the 15th.
3. I applied to UW for re-admission two days ago.

These are all big-freakin'-deals for me.

First of all, I'm living by myself for the first time, ever. Laurel is in Spokane for the time being, and while it is nice to be the only occupant of my home, I do miss having her around to share our one-of-a-kind sense of humor and appreciation for odd details in each other's lives.

As for my hair, I knew the time would come, eventually, to shave my head and start anew. As I've told so many wide-eyed people over the last week, I have been planning it for a while. I just didn't know when I would actually do it. Turns out, it would be on a ho-hum sort of Saturday in mid-August, right after a pathetic emotional meltdown the day before. Which brings me to the last thing.

Ever since I dropped out of my classes right before the Winter '09 quarter began, I've felt like I'm in a bit of a limbo. I'm working, yes, but at a lowly pizzeria, which doesn't utilize or praise my talents and skills, other than by the fact that they haven't fired me over the last year for being a complete idiot (which, I'm sorry to say, has happened a few times in the time I've spent there). I thought I wanted to pursue music, but since I still don't have a keyboard or lyrics for potential songs, I'm feeling more and more like I'm lying to myself. I don't think that's really what I would excell at, and in any case, it's not guaranteed that I will succeed in any sense of the word. So, on something that was much more of a surprising whim than that which lead me to cut my hair off on the 15th, I reapplied for admission to UW last Saturday. It all sort of came together and the stubborn aspiring-musician part of me finally let up on the bullshit and admitted that i really need to go back to school. And while I'm still not entirely sure what I might end up doing, I need to finish what I started at UW so I can move on to bigger, better places in my life (figuratively, and hopefully, geographically). Since my GPA was so low when I left, I don't even know if they'll take me back. But I think I have a better chance there than I do anywhere else.

So we'll see what happens, I suppose. I've been humoring thoughts about becoming some in-the-know editor of a fashion magazine, but that fantasy might never amount to be more than just that.

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